How Defense Contractors Should Respond To Critics on Social Media

Defense contractors will always be criticized by a vocal minority. That does not mean they should eschew social media. Here’s how to respond.

Defense Contractor Social Media Response

Defense contractors are often the target of criticism. While they sell legally authorized products and services, they can’t shake the perception held by some of being evil merchants of death. And with the Internet and social media, critics of anything have megaphone. [Read more…]

The Content Marketing Field Manual for Defense Contractors

Has your defense firm hesitated with content marketing because you didn’t know exactly what to do? You now have a field manual. 

Defense Contractor Content Marketing

When I was a field artillery lieutenant, my first assignment was as a Fire Direction Officer (FDO) in a howitzer battery. The FDO supervised the communication with forward observers and the calculation of firing data (e.g. elevation, deflection, fuze type and setting, amounts of propellant, etc.) that was sent to the howitzer crews. [Read more…]

Winning Government Contract Proposals: The Ultimate 19-Point Checklist

Does developing a winning government contract proposal seem impossible? It doesn’t have to if you follow these proven, effective principles.

winning government contract proposals

Jim McCarthyThis guest post is by Jim McCarthy, Principal Owner and Technical Director, AOC Key Solutions, Inc. (KSI), a federal contracting proposal and business development consulting firm. Since 1983, KSI has helped clients win over $130 billion in federal contracts. 

To some, managing a complex major proposal is a fearsome task. It doesn’t need to be if you keep some foundational principles in mind. Next time you face a significant proposal challenge, fall back on these principles that winning contractors follow:

[Read more…]