In an era where buyers now find vendors, aerospace and defense companies keen on commercial diversification can increase awareness and preference by blogging.

how blogging can help aerospace and defense firms develop new business













In  CSC’s annual Aerospace & Defense Market Survey, most challenges facing aerospace and defense companies were not surprising in the face of “defense cutbacks, program cancellations and uncertainty.” One challenge, however, was indicative of a changing defense industry where many contractors are embracing commercial diversification. Specifically, “Defense companies seeking new relationships with commercial suppliers to sell unused capacity and assets.”

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Defense contractors looking to balance out declining defense budgets are diversifying their product portfolios and going overseas. Here’s one example.

 Textron Marketing

Sometimes I think I’m the only person writing about defense contractor marketing. But I’m not – the chatter is increasing as marketing becomes more important to defense contractors. So much so that I’m seeing more and more articles about the subject.

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Looking to get more press coverage for your company? Walking a day in a reporter’s shoes and becoming a resource for journalists can help your defense firm stand out.

defense contractor media relations

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Defense contractors, like many companies, often seek out the news media to raise their profiles. A steady stream of positive press coverage can help companies achieve their business objectives.

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What’s the difference between marketing a shampoo and a defense contractor? A lot.

Don Draper

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After the Army, I worked on New York’s Madison Avenue at ad industry giants JWT and Grey. I worked on a variety of package goods accounts including Listerine, Wisk Detergent, and Lever 2000 deodorant soap. Recently I was interviewed by 2paragraphs about the difference between marketing shampoo and a defense contractor. Here’s my response. What other differences would you add?

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For effective PR, aerospace and defense contractors should chuck their reliance on press releases and leverage their own websites and social media. 

Why Aerospace and Defense Contractors Should Jettison Press Releases

An F-22 jettisons an external fuel tank.

Press releases (also known as news releases) have been around since before World War I. For most of that time, press releases were integral to a company’s effort to try and tell their story through the news media.

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With modern inbound marketing, defense contractors can get found by a lot more prospective customers. Especially buyers they don’t know.

defense contractor business development

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I speak with a lot of aerospace and defense contractor business development people about what they do.

Interestingly, some of them assume they know who all of their prospective customers are. But yet, they’ve all been contacted by prospects they’ve never heard of.

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Most military contractors don’t need to advertise. In this AdWeek article, Robert Klara interviewed me about why some aerospace and defense contractors have advertised over the years.

Why a Military Contractor Needs to Advertise to the Average Consumer

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One challenge for defense industry marketers is getting management to understand and approve new marketing methods. One successful approach is to educate with questions.

Understanding Modern Marketing

With all the change occurring in the marketing world, marketing professionals are constantly challenged to learn new skills and keep up with the latest trends.

But to many defense industry marketers, the even bigger challenge can be getting their management to understand and adopt more of the “new” marketing strategies and tactics such as inbound marketing.

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While 2013 was a year of uncertainty for aerospace and defense contractors, Fire Support’s readership soared to new heights. Here are the 5 most read articles.

Top Fire Support Posts 2013

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The latest list includes America’s enemies and focuses more on policy, budget and strategic issues, and less on personnel and veterans issues. 

Defense News Top 100 Most Influential People

defense news top 100

Each year, the editors and reporters for Defense News (a Gannett publication) compile a new list of the 100 most influential people in U.S. defense. The list actually has more than 100 people since some of the slots represent broad groups like “The Lobbyists” (15 people) or “Wall Street” (17) or “The Oracles” (25). By my count, the total list includes 179 people.

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